Knowledge Base

  1. 1. Getting Started 

    1. Install CentriQS
    2. Activate CentriQS
    3. Log on to the database in CentriQS
    4. Add users and groups
  2. Customization 

    1. Log on to the database in Configurator
    2. Create a custom entity
    3. Create an entity property
    4. Choose property data type
    5. Choose property editor
  3. Database 

    1. Create a new database
    2. Create a new database from backup
    3. Duplicate a database
    4. Update the database
    5. Set shared buffer folder
  4. FAQ 

    1. What are system requirements for CentriQS?
    2. What ports are used for CentriQS?
    3. What do these error messages mean?
    4. How to move CentriQS Server from one server computer to another?
    5. How to log on to a different database in CentriQS?
  5. Migration from VIP Task Manager 

    1. Migrate from VIP Task Manager to CentriQS
    2. Import data from VIP Task Manager database
    3. Find out the path to VIP Task Manager database
    4. Setup the data that cannot be imported from VIP Task Manager
    5. Solve issues that may occur during VIP Task Manager database import
  6. Permissions 

    1. Set permissions
    2. Set "read" and "write" permissions
    3. Analyze permissions
    4. Allow users to change task state only
    5. Restrict access to data related to particular folders
  7. Reports 

    1. Generate reports
    2. Create report templates
    3. Create schedule report template
    4. Use report designer
    5. Add input parameters
  8. Setup 

    1. Update CentriQS
    2. Add a dictionary in CentriQS spell-checker
    3. Log on to Configurator
    4. Restore default application settings
    5. Change the maximum number of records that view displays
  9. Subscriptions to Notifications 

    1. Subscribe to notifications
    2. Create ‘reminder’ subscriptions
    3. Set notification subject and body
    4. List of default subscriptions
    5. Get notifications of any changes made to an entity
  10. System Features 

    1. Use links
    2. Use folders
    3. Use templates
    4. Create a dashboard
    5. Set filters
  11. Task Management 

    1. Create, edit, and delete a task
    2. Set task properties
    3. Break down tasks into subtasks
    4. Schedule appointments
    5. Schedule tasks

    1. Setup automatic refresh of data in the current main view
    2. Display most frequently used views on the ribbon
    3. Setup vertical or horizontal mode of floating detail view
    4. Set the display of working day on Scheduler view
    5. Display detail view pane
  13. All articles 

    1. Install CentriQS
    2. Update CentriQS
    3. Use links
    4. Log on to the database in Configurator
    5. Migrate from VIP Task Manager to CentriQS

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