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Display column summary using selected rows instead of all rows in the view

In the layout settings of different type of views, one can configure to create a column summary (count for example).
The summary is always using all the (filtered) records that are displayed in the view.
In MS Excel, a count is displayed in the bottom bar that is based on the selected cells.
It would be a great improvement that the same feature would become available for CentriQS.
If no line/record is selected, the program should use all the (filtered) records that are displayed in the view to calculate a summary (if any).
If one or more lines are selected, only those lines are used to calculate the summary.
Typical use would be to quickly add the number of working hours (actual/estimated) of selected tasks. Now this process must be done manually because quite often you cannot easily make a filter for this on the fly (because for example filtering rules are impossible to determine).
The feature should be available preferably for all the views but in particular for timelog view and task view.

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