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Remaining time is adjusted automically instead of manually

When a Time log is added 'Actual' time will increase its value but 'Remain' will be left unchanged. You need to manually enter the remaining time you still need on a task. It would be more logical if 'Remain' would be decreased automatically and only manually adjusted when you need more time then it automatically calculated.

You have a project for constructing a building your calculation team made a Qoutation that estimates 10 days of work.

The employee's make time logs as they work on the project. The time logs will automatically decrease the 'Remaining' work time.

If this number would become negative we can see that either
- Something is wrong on this project
- The employee is not working on it fast enough
- The estimated time was incorrect.

For task sheduling/planning we could add Extra remaining time manually at any given point.
This will edit deviation as it does now.

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  • Bram BertelsBram Bertels commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I still Disagree.

    Its not because Remain is adjusted automatically that It cannot be adjusted manually.
    If a Time log is added Remain goes down automatically and if the performer feels that he needs more time to perform the task he could just edit remain.
    - So the manager would still be able to see the deviation.
    - The performer would only need to edit remain when needed. (Not always)

    Kind Regards.

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